Mosaic Art at Parc Guell in Barcelona


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of Gaudi's amazing Parc Guell.

BARCELONA! SOUL-REPLENISHING CITY. City of spectacular art and nightlife. Home of strange and stirring Gaudi architecture. Fusion of Spanish and Catalan culture. Add it all up, the lazy days, the sweaty nights, cafes filled with tapas, olives and beer, tree-lined streets, whizzing motos, stylish women – Barcelona was exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it. A city, yes, but an adventure, a journey, at a time in my life when I needed an escape.


WHAT BETTER PLACE TO ESCAPE TO? I sold my house, quit my job, moved to Spain – instantly life regained its magic. Barcelona Beso is a journal of my time there, living in a city whose laid-back, creative spirit is a tonic for the soul. For curious travelers, it's a glimpse of the city and what you should see when you visit. For friends and family and even for myself, it's an attempt to put into words why I, an American, fell in love with Barcelona and even found, when I lived there, that it felt more like home than home.