Casa Mila Rooftop


Bizarre yet beautiful – Casa Mila’s coup de grace. 


In a multi-tiered garden of sculptures and mosaics, enter Gaudi’s mythological world.
Wander among warriors and kings in flowing robes, religious symbols, trees and an owl (?).
Duck under archways, peer into coves. Gaudi’s weird shapes are almost magnetic,
pulling at the subconscious in a bid for interpretation – a three-dimensional Rorschach
Test. What do these shapes mean? Do they evoke thoughts of medieval forests or
battle? Are they phallic, sexual? One thing we know: the sculptures are functional –
chimneys and vents as abstract art. The Casa Mila rooftop also offers views of the real
world, including Passeig de Gracia, Sagrada Familia and Torre Agbar.