A tourist eye view of basic Catalan/Spanish cuisine. Bon Profit!


Things you recognize, like tapas, olives, paella, gazpacho. Things you might not, such as
patatas bravas, pan de tomate, pinchos, tortilla (careful, it’s not what you think), jamon serrano,
crema catalana and cava. Below are some of the basic Spanish and/or Catalunyan staples
you’ll encounter in cafes as you explore the city – along with some oddities I found interesting,
like Jamon Pringles. But that’s just the beginning, of course. Barcelona is a hotbed of upscale,
artisan eating. The region boasts 23 Michelin star-rated restaurants, famed for creative chefs
and world-acclaimed gastronomy.

















































































































Note: food is difficult to photograph, even for experts. Don’t judge the fine flavor
and appeal of Catalan food on the basis of these snapshots. Also, this is by no means
a comprehensive view of Catalan cuisine. It’s a small sampling of everyday basics,
meant only to give travelers an idea of what it looks like.