Casa Mila

Undulating facades, twisted wrought iron – Casa Mila
invites you into the non-linear.

One of Gaudi’s most startling and beautiful masterpieces. Casa Mila’s front hall is strangely moving with its mesmerizing wrought-iron gate, soaring pillars and fantasia of colors and rolling shapes – true to its designer’s concept of creating a building with no straight lines. Walk up the stairs and you’re also rewarded with a very good Gaudi museum and then, the Casa Mila Rooftop with its bold and captivating sculptures. Just what are these mosaic-covered marvels? You decide. They could be soldiers, or religious figures. Or maybe phallic symbols? Even if you don't ponder such things at Casa Mila, your mind is registering Gaudi's strange shapes, trying to ascribe meaning to them. The skull-like lamp in the opening foyer, for instance: is it saying we're mortal, and time is fleeting?