Crowned by a church and an amusement park, this majestic mountain is Barcelona's most breathtaking view.


Tibidabo, I will give to you, said the devil to Jesus as they looked down from a high mountain upon all the glorious kingdoms of the world. Jesus was not tempted, but you should be: Tibidabo offers spectacular vistas of the city and surrounding coastline. Reached by funicular train, it’s worth the trouble to get there (take the metro to the bus or trolley, and then the funicular). Inside the church at the top, the Temple de Sagrat Cor, an elevator ride and various circular staircases lead to stunning 360° open air views – the highest in the city. As for the amusement park, it's tame – ideal for families with smaller kids – but it offers great views from many of the rides. And the church and the fun park side by side? Somehow it works. Maybe because it symbolizes Barcelona. The spirit of good alongside earthly pleasures, even a little hell-raising.