Parc Guell

You've never seen anything like this 45-acre park filled with mosaics, sculptures and paths to explore.

Take a lunch and spend a few hours in order to wander its tree-lined paths, take in the views from its soaring rock bridges, relax on benches in quiet nooks and examine the evocative iron-work sculpture. Then experience the highlight of the park – one of the highlights of the whole city in fact – and spend some time checking out the endless variety of trencadis mosaics on the serpentine bench. Sitting on the terrace, or exploring the forest of columns below, craning your neck to see the celestial tilework on the ceiling, you’ll start to get an idea why Parc Guell has been called everything from storybook and mythical to dream-like and even hallucinatory. (Makes you wonder if Gaudi was nipping at the absinthe – those really are gingerbread houses!)